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Terms and Conditions

1. General

The Terms and Conditions (terms) of Uebersetzung Plus apply to all present and future business transactions between us and the client. The terms are deemed to have been understood and accepted when the client gives instructions for us to carry out a translation. We do not accept other companies Terms and Conditions without giving express agreement.

2. Translation order

The way in which a Translation order is placed can be decided by the client. Any problem that is connected to the way in which an order is placed is at the encumbrance of the client.

The client will inform us of the target language and give special instructions if necessary.

We cannot be held responsible for delays or shortcomings caused by an unclear, incorrect or incomplete translation order.

3. Fulfilment

We retain the right to assign a third party to carry out a client's translation. We accept liability for due diligence in such cases. Due diligence is deemed to have been taken if the third party is an experienced translator or interpreter and if the target language is also the native language of the assigned translator. Direct contact between an assigned third party and the client is only permissible with our express agreement. The business relationship remains for all purposes between us and the client.

4. Delivery date

Delivery dates are agreed to the best of our knowledge and intentions. However, it is understood that a delivery date is an estimate of when a translation will be completed and is not binding.

The translation is to all intents and purposes fulfiled when it has been sent to the client.

5. Prices

All quotes and prices are subject to confirmation. The prices shown on the pricelist are in Euros. Certain larger translations may be subject to a deposit and/or staged payments. All quotes are net of German VAT.

6. Liability

A translation order will be processed to the best of our knowledge and intentions. If the client gives no special instructions the translation will be grammatically correct and will correspond to the source text.

Objections must be made within 3 working days (Mon. to Fri.) of receipt of the translation and must be in written form. If no objection has been made within 3 days, the translation is deemed to have been accepted by the client and no further claim can be made against us.

We retain the right to remedy a problem if an objection is made within the 3 day period. Furthermore, the problem must be described in a clear and precise fashion. The amount of time we require to remedy a problem cannot be affected by the delivery date.

The client can demand a reduction in price or annulment if we are unsuccessful in remedying a problem.

Any further demand or damage claim cannot be made against us for non-fulfilment.

In no case will our liability exceed the value of the relevant translation order. We can, in all cases, only be held liable for acts of gross negligence with intent. We can only be held responsible for other acts of negligence due to carelessness etc., if they breach any part of the terms.

We cannot be held liable for any third party claim for damages.

We cannot be held liable for translation errors if the source text is incorrect, incomplete, or not submitted in a timely manner.

It is at the client's discretion whether they inform us of the purpose for which the translation will be used. In the event of the translation being inappropriate, no claim for damage can be made if the client did not inform us of its purpose, regardless of the damage caused.

If the translation is to take printed form in a magazine, book etc. and if the client does not inform us that this is the case, they do so at their own risk and cannot hold us liable for any shortcoming. The client agrees to indemnify us against claims or demands due to an infringement of copyright or patent. This also applies to third party claims or demands of this nature.

7. Disturbance

We cannot be held liable for damages that arise out of a disturbance to the day to day running of our business. This applies particularly to acts of nature that are beyond our control. Furthermore, we retain the right to withdraw from the contract in such cases. The same applies if we have to constrain or cease our trading activities for a period of time.
We cannot be held liable for damage resulting from computer viruses. We go to extensive lengths to ensure that our computer systems remain free of viruses and recommend that the client does the same by checking any incoming file, be it from us or a third party. Any claim of the above nature will not be accepted.

8. Delayed delivery, Subsequent problems, Withdrawal

The client is only entitled to withdraw from the contract because of delayed delivery or suchlike, when the delay is for an unreasonable length of time. In cases of this nature, the client is obliged to set a written notice before withdrawing.

9. Transfer

Any transfer of rights must have our written agreement.

10. Payment

Our fee is due on the date the invoice is issued.

11. Retention of Title

The translation remains our property until full payment is received. Until then, the client has no right of use.

12. Delivery

The delivery, whether electronic or otherwise is at the clients risk. We cannot be held liable for any damage or loss that occurs to the translation during delivery to the client.

13. Secrecy

We treat all text and information confidentially and notwithstanding an assigned translator, do not pass it on to any third party. The client should be aware that there are certain risks involved when delivering the translation electronically.

14. Jurisdiction

The contractual agreement between us and the client is subject exclusively to German law. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the international sale of goods is excluded. Where admissible the court of jurisdiction will be Rheine, Germany.

15. Validity

In the event that any provision is determined to be unenforceable or invalid, such provision shall nonetheless be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, and such determination shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any other remaining provisions.



Uebersetzung Plus

Owner: Steven Blanchard

Dannenkamp 39

D-48432 Rheine

Tel.: 05975 306514

Fax 05975 306516



Tax Number, FA Steinfurt: 311/5016/1283

VAT Number: DE 813722371



Bank: Sparkasse Rheine

Account name: Steven Blanchard


Account No.: 5004148

Sort Code: 40350005


IBAN: DE34 4035 0005 0041 48


Third Party Websites

Whilst every effort is made to check the content of linked third party websites we accept no responsibility for the content of external links. Sole responsibility of any website linked to ours remains with the owner of that website.


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